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In this episode, we talk with link building expert, Venchito Tampon, who specializes solely in doing outsource link building for marketing agencies. You will learn how to set up a workflow process that will continuously bring results as well as some of his winning strategies that consistently bring in high DA links.
Top 3 Takeaways

  • Learn to build relationships with people in order to build links
  • Learn to create a better workflow process that multiplies your relationships
  • Learn to write better pitches that get opened and responded to  


Winning at link building comes down to creating great relationships

  • Make sure you have valuable resources/content assets people want to link to
  • Start with smaller connections and then build up from there


After onboarding a new client, how do you go about building relationships in that niche?

  • Each client is a case by case basis and should be looked at individually
  • However, all with all clients we do look at the industry landscape first. Understand the pain points, needs and target audience of that industry.
  • Ask the client how they have built relationships in the past and figure out a way to duplicate that process within your team
  • Look at existing resources/content assets that the client has on the website, but that has not yet gained any links


How do you decide which resources are worth repromoting? 

  • Look at the top pages in Ahrefs and see which ones are the top-performing
  • Top pages/referring domains


How do you help a client with backlinking if they don’t yet have any content?

  • Ask if they are willing to invest in content marketing
  • Link reclamation – reach out to blogs that have already mentioned you but haven’t yet linked to you
    • Use to find opportunities


Do you utilize Link Gap Analysis?

  • Yes, but don’t just reach out to the competition’s links. Instead, understand how your competition built their links and the relationships that they made.


How are you able to automate the relationship creation process?

  • If you are a solo link builder it’s easy to do it yourself
  • If you have 10-15 people on your team, allow the team members to build the relationships and then cross-check if you already have relationships within that industry

Create a Master List of publishers we have already contacted that were willing to link to us and continue to reach out for various clients.


What does the initial outreach email look like?

  • Usually done via email but sometimes we also get emails through social accounts


How do you differentiate your emails from random cold emails

  • Go beyond including the title of one of their article, name etc
  • Really understand the blog’s audience
  • Reach out to the right person
  • Attach an image/meme that would be relatable to that person


What does your pitch look like?

  • Getting .gov and .org links would usually be broken link building
  • A lot of guest posting which it is done by quality writers

Pricing model based on results


Are there any new link building tactics you think are super effective?

  • Podcasting for backlinks


Are there any white hat link building tactics that just don’t work as well as they used to?

  • Submit and send tactics don’t work as well anymore
  • Spamming forums doesn’t work
  • Forum marketing is still a good strategy but you should be helping people and providing value
  • Anything that is done on a mass scale and isn’t providing value won’t work as well


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