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Most Content Marketing Doesn't Work... Here's Why

The Content is Too Generic 

If you’re selling to a VP of Sales at a Fortune 500 company, they won’t make time to read a 500 word post a freelancer wrote about “5 Tips to Hiring Sales Managers.” They already know everything a freelancer can figure out.

But there’s a very good chance they’d read something like: 

  • “How This VP of Sales Improved Hiring Processes and Cut Costs by 50%”
  • “Data Study: The Average Cost of Hiring a Sales Manager at a Fortune 500 in 2021 (and how to slash it)”


Your Content is Too Generic
Your Content Lacks Depth

The Content Lacks Depth

Google’s goal is to help the searcher find what they’re looking for as easily as possible… so that means they prefer to rank content that covers the most information on a topic.

So if you Google the keyword you’re trying to rank for and see the top ranking post is 2,000 words… writing a 500 word post is a waste of time.

The Content Targets a Topic vs. Key Decision Maker’s Pain Points

This one is sneaky. If you sell sales software, you might think that a post like “5 Ways to Increase Black Friday Sales” is great.

Sure, it’s topically relevant.

But if the decision maker that buys from you is a VP of Sales, their key pain points aren’t around driving more sales. Their daily problems are more around hiring and managing.


Lack Customer Content Fit

So What's Our Process?

Step 1: Find Customer Content Fit

If you’re selling to a V.P. of sales at a Fortune 500, don’t expect a 500 word post on “5 Tips to Selling on Black Friday” to catch their attention.

Instead, we figure out what your customer is willing to take valuable time out of their day to read.

Step 2: Write Expert Level Content

We provide content at the level of your customer. So if you sell to CMOs at rapidly growing startups, we might interview a CMO at a rapidly growing startup and write a guide based on their input.

If you’re trying to rank for a core keyword like “Small Business CRM” we’ll  write an ultimate guide or hub and spoke piece that is more in-depth than everything else available.

Step 3: Promote The Content (With Allies) 

Content promotion (getting people to read your post) is where most companies struggle. 

However, we’ve found that by doing interviews, including quotes from industry leaders, and incorporating original data into our blog posts, we can earn allies for the content promotion process.

It gives you instant access to a new audience (at no cost) and because these leaders have a following of their own, it’s a warm introduction to our brand.

Content Promotion

Step 4: Update The Content

It’s a lot cheaper to upsell a current client than acquire a new one…

The same goes for content. 

Therefore, we update content every few quarters to ensure you get the maximum traffic.

Some Additional Perks

Our Content Marketing Services 

1.) All posts are written by me

I am the same person that does your customer research and writes the post – so your content will be positioned more accurately to address the pain points of your readers. I can also see the broader vision of your strategy, so I know how each post should be written to fit into it.

2.) You pay for services – not premiums

As I’m a consultant, you only pay for the services you purchase – you’re not paying premiums to cover employee benefits, office space, etc.

3.) Room for innovation

Marketing is always evolving and I love chatting with clients about new strategies I hear about. This allows you to be an early adopter of new tactics and maximizes your results.

Other Content Marketing Services

1.) Posts are written by freelancers

You may be paying $1,000 per post with an agency, know that the person actually writing the content is probably still a freelancer. Bypass those premiums and work with me directly. In addition, an agency won’t be able to offer you freelancers with the experience I have (I’ve written for CMI,,, and more)

2.) You pay for services… and premiums

Agencies have office space, employee benefits and other expenses to cover – so only a fraction of the price you pay goes towards your content.

3.) You’re Delivered a Service – Not Results

As marketing is always transforming, you have to be able to adjust your strategy to meet it. However, if you work with an agency, they are forced to systematize everything which eliminates the opportunity for experimentation and innovation.

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